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Sara Hack - Principal

sara I am proud and honoured to have been appointed as Principal at Farney Close School, as of the Summer term 2019. I move into this position having been Head of Care since 1998 and Acting Head since September 2018.

I am a registered Social Worker and take on the role of Principal with 37 years’ experience of working with young people experiencing Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties (SEMH), in a school setting.

I am completely dedicated to Farney Close and the young people that attend our school. I look forward to working with a hugely committed staff team to ensure that Farney Close continues to provide high levels of academic and social education, with each young person having the opportunity and support to be able to achieve their potential.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Dear Parents/Carers,

I thought I would take this opportunity to announce that as of now we are now running the Duke of Edinburgh award at Farney Close School. This is a completely new experience for the young people that we work with. The award has 3 awards Bronze, Silver & Gold and is open to pupils from year nine upwards. We currently have five young people enrolled in the award for this academic year and will be looking to expand on this from September. We have also been very fortunate that the Duke of Edinburgh award have granted us a start-up fund which has been greatly appreciated and gives us the ability to purchase some much needed outdoor equipment relevant to the award. We look forward to sharing the successes of the young people that attend Farney Close in the near future.

For more information please see the below link:


David Rainsford-Holt

World Book Day

World Book Day - Thursday 7th March 2019

Great news World Book Day is looming (next Thursday just in case you forgot to highlight it in your diary!)
This year the English Department would like to enlist your help.

1. Can you select your favourite book (child friendly editions please) and select a passage from it to read to your class/ house on World Book Day. Please can you let either Trish, Kate or Carol have it with your favourite section highlighted to be printed out. Please e-mail Trish the slip below.

2. Everyone’s a Character |

Please can you come in Fancy Dress for the day or Props for those who are less inclined to indulge … so that it creates a surreal atmosphere where everyone is someone or something. BAH Humbugs included….
If stuck for ideas, please ask the English Department

Competition Time

Will you be the 2019 Winner of Best Character Award? (There will be one for pupils too)

3. Mystery Competition

Please complete slip below and e-mail to Trish asap – no later than Friday 1st March 3.30pm.
Each member of staff on the premises will be given a sticky label with the name of a book on it. Pupils and staff need to find out Who is each book.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Please reply (with the details below) to TE by Friday 1st March 2019.

Name :
Favourite Book:
Why do you like this book?



Download Flyer Here


School Open

Snow has gone and the school is open as normal.

Possible Snow !

I am sure that you will have seen the recent weather forecast stating that it is likely we will have extremely cold weather and possible snow fall during the next two weeks. We are expecting to keep the school open throughout this time but only if we have sufficient staff on site to do so. Obviously we need the staff in to look after the young people, feed them etc. We also need to ensure that the site is safe for us to move around.

Should I have to take the decision to close the school or reopen on Monday we will ensure that the website is kept up to date and endeavour to contact all parents/carers, taxi companies and transport co-ordinators. Thank you for your support with this.



 Fashion Show 8th February

 Fashion Show 8th February


Basketball Court Mural


HarpoArt is a street artist from Brighton, UK. People call him "the owl guy" from his signature owls on garage doors and shop shutters. He has also undertaken large projects in public playgrounds and within schools. Farney Close commissioned Harpo to design and decorate our newly reburbished Basket Ball Court. We are very pleased with the results.

Thank you Harpo.


P1090329   P1090331 P1090332 
 P1090335  P1090337  P1090333

See our Activities Gallery page for larger images

Supporting Pudsey

Farney Close are supporting Children in Need at school this Friday (16th November 2018).


Temporary Email Problems



Please note that currently we are experiencing problems with our internet connection, so we cannot receive any emails and have not been able to since 4pm on Friday, 5th October.

If your enquiry is urgent, please do phone the office which is fully manned from 9am to 5pm during weekdays.

We will update this message once our systems are up and running again.


Welcome back to school (on the 5th !)

I hope that you all had a wonderful Summer, making the most of what has in the main been beautiful weather. We look forward to welcoming our pupils back on Wednesday 5th September from 8.30am onward. Our staff team will be in from Tuesday for a training day and staff will attempt to make contact with all parents and carers to see how your summers have been. We look forward to a busy term with lots of new pupils joining us whilst we make the most of the last throws of summer.

We made an exception to the rule last term, due to the extremely hot weather, and allowed pupils to wear shorts during the school day. As the weather is far cooler we expect all pupils to return to wearing trousers or skirts in line with our uniform policy. I would also ask that you ensure that your child returns with school shoe that fit them and are able to be polished. Thank you for your support with both of these issues.



Privacy Notice

The School Privacy Notice has been added to the website. You can view this document either on our 'Policies' page, or via the 'Privacy Notice' link on the right hand side of the main page.

This Privacy Notice sets out how we may obtain, use, process and store your personal information. and includes:

  • Making sure that information that we have on you is accurate
  • What data we collect about you, for what purpose and on what grounds we process it
  • How we collect your personal data
  • Who will we share your personal information with
  • How we keep your data and information secure
  • How long will we keep your data
  • What your legal rights in relation to the data and information that we keep on you are

School Closure

Good Afternoon Parents / Carers / Transport arranger’s / Taxi companies and Staff

It is with regret, that after what has already been a very disruptive week, we are having to make the decision that we are closing for the remainder of the week. This is obviously due to the weather forecast in place for the remainder of the week.

We cannot express enough how sorry we are that we have had to take the action that we have this week and look forward to opening on Monday morning as usual (weather dependant).


Henrik, Emma and Sara

School Closed


School closed today due to severe weather for all pupils .All staff due in if it is safe to travel.We will review this Thursday morning,please phone the school after 7.30 AM Thursday .Thank You for your support.


School closed today due to severe weather for all pupils and staff.We will review this Wednesday morning,please phone the school after 7.30 AM Wednesday .Please do not let your child travel in untill you have spoken to someone from the school,Thank You for your support.

Weather update

Good evening.

Thank you all for your support today. The weather has not been as expected and we continue to get very mixed forecasts for the weather overnight tonight. We unfortunately remain in the same position, regarding being unsure if staff will be able to travel into school safely in the morning to receive the children. With this in mind please do not let your child travel in until you have spoken to someone from the school. Our aim is to have the phones answered from 7.30am. For those pupils that attended today and as a result used up their taxi journeys for the week, we will attempt to transport if we are open.

Thank you

Henrik, Emma and Sara

Weather Update

Good Evening parents / Carers, taxi drivers, transport arrangers and staff.

Further to our communication with you on Friday. 

Due to the uncertainty of the severity of the impending winters storms we have decided, for the safety of our pupils and staff, to take the following steps:

  • Open on Monday as usual for those that can travel into school and home again the same day. We realise that this will depend on the ability for transport arrangers and taxis to agree to transport. We will look to transport local children home (within an hour of the school).
  • We will make a decision as to whether we are opening, based of the Met-Office forecast, on a day to day basis.
  • Our decision will be made by 6pm each day so please remember to check your inbox and our website. 

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but our pupils and staff safety is paramount.
The safety element refers to the ability to move around the site as well as traveling to and from Farney Close.

For those pupils unable to attend school we will post or email work home to them on Monday. 
Staff are expected to attend their normal shifts as long as it safe for them to travel.

We will attempt to have someone answering phones from 7.30am each day - until that time the phones will go to answer phone.

Thank you for your support with this.


Henrik, Emma and Sara 

Snow Coming !

Re. Local Weather Forecast

I am sure that you will have seen the recent weather forecast stating that it is likely we will have extremely cold weather and significant snow fall during the next two weeks. We are expecting to be able to keep the school open throughout this time but only if we have sufficient staff on site to do so. Obviously we need the staff in to look after the young people, feed them etc.

At this point the met office are pointing towards us having a significant snow fall Monday afternoon into Tuesday; this will mean that we will have to consider not opening on Monday as staff will not be able to travel safely into work Tuesday morning. Likewise, they are also saying we may get snowfall on Friday which may mean, if we have opened, we may need to close on Thursday. I am really sorry to be so vague about this but I am sure that you understand we can only respond to the information that is shared with us and that the safety of children and staff is paramount.    

Obviously weather forecasts change on an hour by hour basis so we will not make any decisions until later Sunday afternoon.  If we are not opening or opening late we will post a note on the message board on our website by 10pm Sunday. Please check the website before allowing your child to travel into school. Thank you for your support with this.

Kind Regards

Sara Hack
Head of Care

Measles Outbreaks in the News Again

measels poster

We have been asked to pass this information on by the Immunisation TeamSussex Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Below is a pack of leaflets and information (various languages) for your information.

Measles Information Pack


Christmas Timetable


Farney Close would like to wish all pupils (past and present), parents, carers and all parties involved with the school a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018.

 For present pupils here is a reminder of the week ahead:

Monday 18th December

Christmas Jumper day – swap your school sweatshirt for a Christmas Jumper in aid of the charity we support (Ankoma).

  • Usual school day until 3pm
  • 3pm – Carol Service

Tuesday 19th December

  • Usual school day until 12
  • 12 – All pupils to Houses
  • 12.30 – Christmas Lunch
  • 1.30pm – Break
  • 2pm – Afternoon Activities with Education Staff (no break)
  • 4pm – Back to Houses
  • Tea on Houses
  • 7pm - House decoration judging with Sara, Jane and Lester.

Wednesday 20th December

  • 9.30am – Tutor time.
  • 10.30am – Parents / carers invited for coffee and mince pies. There will be a raffle and tombola before the Play takes place.
  • 11am – School Christmas Play (Parents/cares invited)
  • 12 – All pupils leave for Holiday either with parents, carers or in taxis.

Tuesday 9th January 2018

Start of term.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? Planning to spend a couple of hours in a Christmas Market or even on Amazon? This Christmas there will be more tech toys than ever before, and many of them will use bluetooth or wifi to link to apps and the wider internet. Some of these toys will have cameras and microphones recording the environment and the child's play. The Information Commissioner recently published an article looking at the risks of using smart toys.


Which? Magazine have also surveyed many connected toys and found that, without appropriate safety features, they can also pose a big risk to your child’s safety.
The Which video below shows just how easy it is for anyone to take over the voice control of a popular connected toy, and speak directly to children. Which? found that it is easy enough for almost anyone to do, not only skilled hackers.

Keeping Children Safe Online (for parents) (NSPCC)

Keeping Children Safe Online (for parents) (NSPCC)

The NSPCC have drawn together lots of advice for parents, including Being Share Aware, MineCraft Safety Advice, and how to stay safe using apps. The information can be found here:


Parents' Online Safety Helpline (NSPCC)

Parents can also contact the free NSPCC Online Safety Helpline with questions about parental controls or concerns about a social network their children are using on 0808 8005002

September 2017 Term

New academic Year 2017

Please note that pupils return to school on Wednesday 6th September