Exam Outcomes

Pupil Outcomes Data 2018

The following information identifies the results for pupils in the last academic year 2017/18

A total of 16 GCSE and equivalent qualifications were taken by pupils, giving an average of 5.2 exams taken by each pupil. 40 % of pupils actually achieving 5 GCSE equivalent A-G or Level 9-1 in the new exam system. One pupil achieved 1 Grade C and 2 Grade 4 passes

14 Entry Level qualifications were also taken, with each pupil achieving 6 qualifications on average.

18 Pathways qualifications were also taken, giving each pupil on average an additional 3.6 qualifications.

Overall, this means that in 2018 the average achievement by each pupil at Farney Close was 6 GCSE/Entry Level qualifications and 3.6 Pathways qualifications

Looked After Children Results:

Unusually, there were no looked after children in this year group, and so it is not possible to analyse the achievement of LAC pupils with previous years. Historically, the school average is 6 GCSE/Entry level per LAC pupil, meaning that LAC pupils have the same opportunity to achieve at Farney as other pupils.

Data for the End of Key Stage Three Results