School Awards

National   The school has held this award since 2007 until present and it was the first independent special school in the country to achieve it. The award has 4 core themes that are particularly suited to support our pupils: PSHE (Including drugs and sexual relationship education), Healthy Eating, Physical activity, and Emotional Health and Well being (including bullying)

The work on this project has brought an even greater focus on how we can help our pupils when they leave the school and to identify more clearly the options they have available to them. It has also helped to us to guide pupils better who are moving from Year 9 into Year 10 when choosing their subject options and understanding how this might affect what they go on to study when they go to College. At the moment the school is one of only 12 schools in West Sussex to achieve the award and only the second special school to do so in the region.

 commendation   Loraine Rigglesford, former head of maths was nominated for the prestigious National Teacher Award and managed to attain a brilliant 3rd place in the Special Educational Needs category. This is a real accolade for Loraine and I know that it is one she is proud of and that we, as a staff group, are also proud.
RFA 100MAR 19    

This award is a national quality assurance framework for all schools and colleges, focusing on LGBT+, (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, plus other related identities), inclusion and visibility. The Rainbow Flag Award encourages a whole organisation approach to LGBT+ inclusion, as well as developing strategies to combat HBTphobic bullying. (Homophobic, transphobic and biphopbic)

It is a commitment to improve the lives of all the young people that we work with, as well as the LGBT+ young people in our care, those from LGBT+ families, and LGBT+ staff members. To achieve this, we have had to meet set standards in various areas, such as effective policies, skilled teachers and an inclusive curriculum as well as supportive governors.

Though perhaps the main benefit for the young people will be a dedicated pastoral support team.

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