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Farney Close is a special needs school in Sussex that provides a well-balanced academic and social education that prepares young people for the future.

Young people that attend our school have access and input from our expert team which includes Teachers, TAs, Residential Social Care Workers, a Referrals and Inclusion Officer, A School Social Worker, School Nurse, SENCO, Art Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Adolescent counsellor, and their support teams. These adults work with young people’s individual networks to support and guide in every aspect of young people’s development, applying a proactive, forward-thinking approach.
As well as high quality educational facilities and small “homely” residential units, we also have a large sports hall with a newly refurbished gym, and a vocational block where young people can learn such skills as mechanics, construction and catering skills. We are situated in 32-acres with ample area to play including woods for Forest Schools and two lakes – with plenty of large fish! It’s an environment that is designed to provide a space for our young people that will support their well-being and mental health.


Farney Close is situated in extensive grounds and offers a range of facilities designed to support young people to learn both academically and socially; our ethos being to support them in reaching their full potential.

We look to provide young people with an experience that will enable them to achieve whilst growing in confidence, resilience, and self-awareness. Our wonderful resources enable us to provide opportunities to our young people that will support them in achieving their potential by undertaking new challenges and learning to adapt to change. Our environment is unique to many other schools and we recommend coming for a visit.

In 2014, the Copperthwaite building was opened to broaden the choice of vocational options we are able to offer our young people including hospitality & catering, mechanics and construction. There are also two well-equipped classrooms.

The ‘Hush’ is our multi-sensory therapeutic room designed to support young people who benefit from a safe, calm therapeutic environment when in emotional distress and needing space to self-regulate.

We have a well-being centre where the School Nurse is based, a counselling suite and rooms within our SEN Department to enable individual work to be undertaken. We also offer the support of our own School Social Worker for those that have social care input outside of school and a Referrals and Inclusion Officer who process all requests for a placement plus support young people and their parents/carers in ensuring that attendance is maintained.

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