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"Parents say that the support their children receive is life changing, not just for their child, but also for their families" Ofsted (Education), Nov 2022


“Thank you for providing * with a safe space, understanding and dedication to him and his wellbeing, as well as his education.” Social Worker for Year 11


“Children make exceptional progress because of the warm and nurturing relationships they have with the staff in the residential provision.”


“Children enjoy a wide range of physically and emotionally stimulating activities”


“Leaders are highly aspirational for all children, and this is reflected through the care provided by staff."


“Children who are moving on to colleges benefit from meticulously planned moves, with staff providing individualised support.”

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KS2 Provision

Discover our KS2 Provision.

Residential Provision

Discover our quality residential provision.

Day Provision

Discover our day provision

Post 16 Provision

Discover our independent living & learning (KS5) provision.


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Severe Weather

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Dear Parents and Carers, This letter is to ensure that you are aware of the school's arrangements in the event of severe weather such as snow. Please may I urge…

Christmas 2023 Newsletter

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FARNEY CLOSE SCHOOL PARENTS’ AND CARERS’ NEWSLETTER Christmas 2023 I hope that this finds you and yours well. I write to bring you up to date with changes that have…


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