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Our local offer statement gives a detailed description of our school and what it can provide. You’ll find information about everything from access to staff training.

What does Farney Close School do?

The school also accepts young people with social and communication difficulties, those with an Autistic Spectrum condition (ASC), such as Asperger Syndrome or Tourettes Syndrome. Some of these young people and others may have Moderate Learning needs, Dyslexia, or Speech and Language needs.

Where is Farney Close located? Where do the young people come from?

You will find both the school and residential accommodation on a 32-acre site near the A23, midway between Brighton and Gatwick airport. Our school and facilities are used regularly by many different Local Authorities across the south and south east of England.

How are decisions made about who can attend the school?

Decisions about school admissions are made by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), following a referral from a Local Authority. Parents and carers are welcome to visit or contact our school to see if it’s suitable for their child. If this is something you’d like to do, please phone 01444 881811 or email the Principal at:

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