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Home School Contact

Staff maintain regular contact with parents, carers and local authorities. Parents and carers are encouraged to maintain open communication with their child’s linkworker.

Home Contact

We aim to keep in regular contact with parents/carers and other agencies that might be supporting a young person, and so as part of helping to focus this each young person will have a designated Linkworker. This person will be an RSCW on the young person’s house and will be referred to as the child’s linkworker. They will act as a point of reference in virtually all matters. Parents and carers can also keep in contact with their child by telephoning in the evening, or young people may also use the public pay phone if they wish to.

Social Reports

Termly reports are sent out that contain information on a young person’s academic and social progress. Further information will be formally shared in the annual review of their EHCP. This meeting will also provide opportunity for both verbal and written reports to be shared. Parents and carers views of both the residential and academic provision are sourced formally in the form of an annual questionnaire that is sent out each summer term.

Open Days & Events

An Open Day is held at the end of the summer term, which is an opportunity for parents/carers to meet Teachers and Residential Social Care Workers to discuss their child’s progress over the year. The winter term comes to a conclusion with the parents/carers being invited to a Christmas performance put on by the young people and staff, which historically is a very successful event. (see special events).


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