Our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and our key policies are available below.

Paper copies are available on request. Simply complete this online request form or telephone the school.

Please click on the ‘[PDF]’ next to the policy name or click ‘[Online]’ to view it online.

General Policy Documents

Admission Policy [PDF] [Online] Anti-Bullying Policy [PDF] [Online] Attendance Policy [PDF] [Online] Behaviour Policy including behaviour principles [PDF] [Online]
British Values and SMCS Policy [PDF] [Online] CCTV Policy [PDF] [Online] Child Looked After Policy [PDF] [Online] Complaints Policy [PDF] [Online]
Data Protection Policy[PDF] [Online] Dress & Appearance Policy [PDF] [Online] Disability Access Policy & Plan [PDF] [Online] Equality Policy [PDF] [Online]
E-Safety Policy [PDF] [Online] Exclusion Policy [PDF] [Online] GDPR Policy [PDF] [Online] Health & Safety Policy [PDF] [Online]
Medical Response Policy [PDF] [Online] Prevent [PDF] [Online] Pupil Premium Policy [PDF] [Online] Risk Assessment Policy [PDF] [Online]
Safeguarding & CP Policy [PDF] [Online] SEND Policy [PDF] [Online] Staff Safe Recruitment [PDF] [Online] Statement of Purpose [PDF] [Online]
Supporting Young People & Their Behaviour [PDF] [Online]

Education Policy Documents

Assessment Recording Policy [PDF] [Online] Careers Policy [PDF] [Online] Examination Access Policy [PDF] [Online] Exam Policy [PDF] [Online]
Marking & Feedback Policy [PDF] [Online] Options Booklet [PDF] [Online] Primary Policy & Procedure  [PDF] [Online] Pupil Premium Strategy [PDF] [Online]
Relationship and Sex Education [PDF] [Online]

Remote Learning Policy [PDF] [Online]



Rewards & Sanctions [PDF] [Online] The School Council Policy [PDF] [Online]
The Curriculum Policy & Statement of Intent [PDF] [Online] The Importance of Reading (and Literacy) at Farney Close School [PDF] [Online] The Role of Education [PDF] [Online] Whole School Curriculum Overview [PDF] [Online]

For Parents, Carers & Young People

Anti-bullying Leaflet [PDF] [Online] Linkworker Policy [PDF] [Online] Local Offer [PDF] [Online] Staff Sleeping-In & Night time Supervision Policy [PDF] [Online]
The Residential Experience [PDF] [Online] Residential Welcome Pack 2021 [PDF] [Online] Day Pupil Welcome Pack 2021 [PDF] [Online] Worries & Complaints [PDF] [Online]