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Farney Close offers a diverse range of additional support.  The SEND department, run by our highly qualified and experienced SpLD SEND Team, works closely with pupils to provide additional learning support tailored to individual specific learning needs.  The Team, which includes specialist teachers, assessors and a Speech and Language Therapist, work with the learner to set long and short term objectives, which enable them to access the broader curriculum. As well as developing pupils’ basic skills, the Team focus on developing positive self-esteem and effective learning and communication strategies which allow pupils to achieve their full potential and see themselves as successful learners.

In addition to supporting individual young people,  the SEND team communicate their needs to  education and care staff so they can understand the specific needs of pupils in order to tailor their learning and care appropriately.  This is communicated through the Education Passport which is compiled with young people on entry to the school and represents their voice around their education and preferred support strategies.

There are weekly sessions for relevant young people with our Speech and Language Therapist and Dyslexia specialists. The work undertaken by the SEND team also enables Literacy strategies to be embedded into the daily curriculum. The Educational Passports created by the SEND department, with the young person, from Outcomes identified in their EHCP, identifies personal goals to help them achieve both academically and socially. This information is disseminated to all education and care staff to ensure that each young person’s individual needs and views are kept at the heart of class and subject teaching and beyond that into the 24-hour day.

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