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Therapists & Counsellors

We have a child and adolescent counsellor who is in school three days a week, during term time and offer counselling time to young people and to staff who may also require time to talk. In addition, the school also has the services of an Art Therapist two days a week for those that find the creative process of art a means to improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Young People are referred by staff or can make a self-referral if they would like to meet with either of these people.

We have a SEND team which includes a person who has experience in delivering occupational therapy programmes. The team undertakes various activities, including play and Lego therapy in order to teach new skills. They grades these activities, and makes them a little more challenging, as the young person learns the skill. They also give the young person sensory input and cuing to help them be more reflective. Part of their roles also teaches young people various compensatory strategies to help them achieve independence.

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