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What is the Hush?

The Hush room is used throughout the 24-hour day, providing a quiet space dedicated to stimulating, developing and relaxing the senses. Unlike a school classroom, where young people are usually expected to watch and listen to the teacher, the Hush is a sensory room which allows them the freedom and autonomy to explore the environment for themselves, in their own time, using all of their senses. It is a calming space providing a therapeutic environment for our young people that are experiencing emotional or behavioural challenges. It allows them to learn to manage their emotions in a controlled environment.

Which young people can benefit from the Hush?

Young People with an autistic spectrum condition

There are an estimated 1 in 100 people on the autistic spectrum in the UK – so a school with 500 young people is likely to have 5 or more with autism at any one time. While autism affects every individual differently, difficulty processing sensory information is a common characteristic of the condition.  Sensory issues can either involve hypersensitivity – where too much stimulus is difficult to cope with – or hypo-sensitivity, where young people don’t experience the same level of intensity as others. The Hush helps our young people who are autistic to deal with all kinds of sensory sensitivities in a relaxing and calming yet stimulating environment.

Young People with learning difficulties

Learning doesn’t just have to happen in the classroom. In fact, for many young people with learning difficulties, that’s an environment highly unsuited to absorbing and digesting information. The Hush, on the other hand, can enable young people to develop at their own pace. Furnished with equipment such as bean bags, cushions, mats, lights and tactile toys, the Hush provides a unique and stimulating learning environment that allows many of our young people to thrive.

All of us have different learning styles: some might understand new information better if they can absorb it visually, while others might require a more hands-on approach (tactile learning). Because of its multi-sensory approach, the Hush can cater for all of these individual learning styles, providing education that is tailored to students’ needs.

Young People with developmental delays or sensory impairments

The Hush provides a room for this group of young people to get the most out of their education. It provides a physical and mental stimulus for our young people that have physical disabilities, developmental delays and sensory impairments.

The use of sensory equipment can help them to develop and practise a range of skills including:

  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • colour recognition
  • communication
  • sensory skills

Young People with behavioural issues

Dealing with behavioural issues can be a challenge, but the Hush provides a room that is effective and chilled-out way to work with or young people to support them in regulating their behaviour. The calming environment allows young people to work through any difficult emotions in a safe and supportive space, together with a member of staff. Handling behavioural issues in this way improves focus in the classroom and helps the young person identify strategies to help them self-regulate.

You can view or download the Hush Policy in [PDF] or view it [Online]


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