Farney Close is celebrating a year of outstanding achievements for our year 11 pupils. The ‘Class of 2021’ has had to cope with extraordinarily difficult disruptions to their last 18-months at Farney, due to the Covid pandemic, but have shown amazing resilience and determination. Their results are a credit to them and the hard work of everyone at Farney Close school who supported them through this process.

Exam Results 2020-21

There were 9, year 11 leavers this year.

(1 pupil joined Farney Close School in Year 11)

  • 2 pupils achieved 4 GCSE’s at level 4 or higher, with 3 of these GCSE’s in Core subjects (22%)
  • 1 pupil achieved 3 GCSE’s at level 4, with 2 of these GCSE’s being English and Maths
  • 1 pupil achieved 3 GCSE’s at level 4, with 1 of these GCSE’s being Maths
  • 1 pupil achieved a GCSE level 4 in Maths
  • 3 pupils, all achieved at least a GCSE qualification in one of their subjects (33%)
  • 1 pupil achieved a level 1 Maths GCSE

One Year 10 pupil took their Maths GCSE in year 10 and achieved a level 6.

Congratulations to all our students on gaining the successes they earned through their hard work and dedication, and best wishes to their bright future ahead.