6th Form


In Sixth Form, our young people have the chance to further develop their skills and independence, so they’re ready to manage a work or college placement.

All Sixth Formers therefore have an individual programme, which may include local work experience, a college course or some extra time in school.
Sixth Formers are also directly involved in their own care, cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning. Through structured programmes, they learn to access and interpret the world around them. These programmes cover:

• personal budgeting
• managing time and resources
• travel
• identifying opportunities

Pupils’ individual study programmes ensure that they have a well-planned and positive future. One pupil said, ‘This place has changed me for the better.’

This option is only available for a limited number of young people who are recognised as needing a more individually structured post-16 package, and where funding has been agreed with the Local Authority.