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In our Post 16 provision, our young people have the chance to further develop their skills and independence, so they’re ready to manage a work or college placement.

All young people in the independence living provision has an individual programme, which may include local work experience, a college course or some extra time in school.
Young people in the independence living provision are also directly involved in their own care, cooking, washing, ironing and cleaning. Through structured programmes, they learn to access and interpret the world around them. These programmes cover:

• personal budgeting
• managing time and resources
• travel
• identifying opportunities

You can see an outline of the comprehensive 28 week Independence programme in [PDF] or [Online]

Pupils’ individual study programmes ensure that they have a well-planned and positive future. One pupil said, ‘This place has changed me for the better.’

The school has an independence living and learning provision, the aim of which is to further develop the independent skills of the students, helping to better prepare for life after the normal school leaving age and moving on into a work (apprenticeship) or collage placement. As such, year 12 and 13 students access an individual program that includes a college course or similar, a work experience placement and a comprehensive programme aimed at increasing independence skills to a point where they could live completely independently. Alongside this there is an independence package that includes living on a house unit, that is operationally separate from the main school, with a small number of other post 16 students. Here students have their own room and are taught how to look after themselves in terms of doing their own laundry and, working together with other students, to keep the house clean and tidy. Students also learn how to budget and shop in a way that promotes a healthy diet and, with the support of an adult (RSCW), prepare and cook meals for themselves and the other students on the house.

Other elements of the programme aim to develop additional and vital independence skills. These include independent travelling, seeking employment, identifying future education opportunities, personal recreation and leisure activities and opportunities, money management – including paying bills, personal banking, basic household DIY, and identifying possible support agencies and networks for the future. Throughout their time on the house, students have a Link Worker and together they work on individualising the student package, whilst at the same time ensuring that there is clear, effective communication between home, college and work experience placements. As time moves on, the RSCW would help to guide and advise the young person and their family in preparing for a successful transition into the next phase of their life, after they leave Farney Close.

Learn more about our Post 16 Living & learning provision here.

This option is only available for a limited number of young people who are recognised as needing a more individually structured post-16 package, and where funding has been agreed with the Local Authority.



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