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As well as providing a range of educational trips and activities, we offer a wealth of evening activities both on and off site.

A wide variety of activities are offered in the evening to cater for all tastes. Some example of the off-site activities we offer include: Swimming, Laser Quest, Bowling, Trampolining, Bouldering / Rock climbing, Archery, Scuba-diving, Canoeing, and Mountain Biking. On site, we offer activities such as Football, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Cricket, Tennis, Pool, Youth Club, Jogging, Pottery, Fishing, Bingo, Choir, Karaoke, Art and Crafts, Magic Skills, Bush Craft, Chess and Cookery. On the other hand, if a young people just wants to spend some time doing less, they can stay on their house and chat to friends and staff.

The school is also a member of West Sussex Clubs for Young People, which offers activities such as scuba diving, wind surfing, go-karting, and arts and music projects. We believe it’s important for young people to experience activities with other young people in the community.

Throughout the year we celebrate a number of cultural and religious events. For example in October each year we hold a month of Cultural awareness in recognition of the diverse group of people we have both within the young people group and the staff team. Each November we also join in with the national Anti Bullying week which, along with many other parts of our provision, aims to give pupils a common, shared experience similar to that of other pupils in mainstream education. It also forms part of our approach to keeping incidents of bullying to a minimum and to let everyone know that it is a subject that we take very seriously.

At various points over the year we also ask young people and their parents/carers to complete a range of questionnaires in order to gain their views on what we provide and how they feel about life at the school. This helps us identify how we can best continue to offer a high quality service and to let us know when things might need to change.


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