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General Information

Severe Weather

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Dear Parents and Carers,

This letter is to ensure that you are aware of the school’s arrangements in the event of severe weather such as snow.

Please may I urge you to ensure that your child is prepared for such weather and that in the event of a severe weather forecast suitable clothing is worn/carried. This includes a warm coat and non- slip shoes.

Potential School closure due to severe weather

A risk assessment will be made of the school site and road and transport conditions each day and I will make the decision whether or not to open the school as usual.

Should a decision be made to close the school for a day, parents and carers will be sent an email at the earliest opportunity. Information will be available through the following channels:

Unless there is a message on these outlets by 8am each day then the school will be open as usual.

Please also monitor the national weather news as well, as whilst the weather may not be significant where you live it maybe at Farney (mid-Sussex). Many of our children travel a distance into school and the weather in your area may be more or less significant than at Farney. Please also ensure that before allowing your child to travel into school, if we are open, that you are happy that they are safe to make the journey from home.

Closure during the school day.

Should the school be forced to close after the start of the school day, and pupils have to return home, then each family needs to know what their plan will be. This information refers to both day and residential pupils as we can only remain open for residential pupils if the site is safe and it is also safe for staff to travel to and from Farney.

If I take the decision to close the school a member of staff will contact parents/carers using the telephone contact on the school database. If you have changed your number recently, please call in and check that we have your correct details. Pupils will be kept in school until their taxi or someone from the family comes for them.

It should be stressed that we will try to avoid closing the school once the working day has begun, however all families should have a plan in place for such an eventuality. The school may close if the forecast is for heavy disruptive snow during the next school day. We will keep our website updated with whether we are opening or not.

Thank you, in advance, for your support with this.

Yours sincerely

Sara Hack




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